Experimental Quantum Physics

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Christian Kurtsiefer

Dr. Christian Kurtsiefer



National University of Singapore

Website: http://www.qolah.org

Other publications:

T. Pfau, Ch. Kurtsiefer, C.S. Adams, M. Sigel, J. Mlynek:
"A magneto-optical beamsplitter for atoms"
PRL 71, 3427 (1993)

 T.Pfau, S. Spälter, Ch.Kurtsiefer, C.R. Ekstrom, J. Mlynek:
"measurement ofd the loss of spatial coherence of an atomic beam",
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Ch. Kurtsiefer, J. Mlynek:
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on Coherent and Collective Interactions of Particles and Radiation Beams, edited by A. Aspect, W. Barletta, and R. Bonifacio
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Christian Kurtsiefer, Oliver Dross, Dirk Voigt, Christopher R. Ekstrom, Tilman Pfau, and Jürgen Mlynek:
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Ch. Kurtsiefer, T. Pfau, and J.Mlynek:
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T. Pfau, A. Schnetz, C.S. Adams, Ch. Kurtsiefer, M. Sigel, J. Mlynek:
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T. Pfau, Ch. Kurtsiefer, J.Mlynek:
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T. Pfau and Ch. Kurtsiefer:
"Partial reconstruction of the motional Wigner function of an ensemble of Helium atoms",
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S. Nowak, Ch. Kurtsiefer, and T. Pfau; C. David:
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Ch. Kurtsiefer, S. Mayer, P. Zarda, and H. Weinfurter:
"A stable solid-state source of single photons",
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Ch. Kurtsiefer, M. Oberparleiter, and H. Weinfurter:
"High efficiency entangled photon pair collection in type II parametric fluorescence"
Phys. Rev. A 64, 010102(R) (2000).

Berthold-Georg Englert, Christian Kurtsiefer, Harald Weinfurter:
Universal unitary gate for single-photon 2-qubit states
Phys. Rev. A 63, 032303 (2001).

Ch. Kurtsiefer, P. Zarda, S. Mayer, and H. Weinfurter:
"The breakdown flash of Silicon Avalanche diodes - backdoor for eavesdropper attacks?",
Journal of Modern Optics 48, 2039-2047 (2001).

Ch. Kurtsiefer, M. Oberparleiter, and H. Weinfurter:
"Generation of correlated photon pairs in type-II parametric down conversion -- revisited",
Journal of Modern Optics 48, 1997-2007 (2001).

D.S. Bethune, R.G. Devoe, Ch. Kurtsiefer, C.T. Rettner, W.P. Risk:
System for gated detection of optical pulses containing a small number of photons using an avalanche photodiode,
U.S. Patent no. 6,218,657 B1

J. Volz, Ch. Kurtsiefer, and H. Weinfurter:
"Compact All-Solid-State Source of Polarization Entangled Photon Pairs",
Applied Phys. Lett. 79, 869 (2001).

Ch. Kurtsiefer, H. Weinfurter:
Vorrichtung und Verfahren für die Quantenkryptographie
Patentantrag 101 17 272.9, eingereicht beim Deutschen Patentamt (2001)

A. Beige, B.-G. Englert, Ch. Kurtsiefer, H. Weinfurter:
Secure communication with a publicly known key,
Acta Phys. Pol. A 101, 357 (2002)


European Research Conference on Quantum Optics, Davos (Switzerland):
"Magneto-optical beamsplitter", poster (1993)

DPG-Tagung Berlin (Germany):
"Experimental realization of a magneto-optical beamsplitter", contrib. talk (1993)

OSA-Meeting Toronto:
"A magneto-optical beamsplitter for atoms", inv. talk (1994)

European Quantum Electronics Conference EQEC '93, Firenze (Italy):
"Experimental demonstration of a magneto-optical beamsplitter", (1993)

New York Academy of Science: Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory, Baltimore:
"A Heisenberg microscope for Helium Atoms", inv. talk (1994)

CLEO/EQEC '94, Amsterdam (Netherlands):
"A detector for metastable rare gas atoms with high spatial and temporal resolution", poster, (1994)

DPG-Tagung Innsbruck (Austria):
"A Heisenberg microscope for atoms", inv. talk (1995)

Conference on Quantum interference, Trieste (Italy):
"A Heisenberg microscope for He* atoms", inv. talk (1995)

DPG-Tagung Jena (Germany):
"Atom-photon correlations on a single particle level", contr. talk;
"Excitation of a metastable He beam by adiabatic transfer", poster

Workshop on atom interferometry, Cairns (Australia):
"Excitation of a metastable He beam by adiabatic transfer", poster;
"Measurement of the Wigner function of a matter wave packet", poster (1996)

IQEC '96, Sidney (Australia):
"Correlation measurements between atoms and photons on the single particle level", inv. talk (1996);
"Excitation of a metastable He beam by adiabatic transfer", poster

EQEC '96, Hamburg (Germany):
"Measurement of the Wigner Function of a Matter Wave Packet", contrib. talk (1996);
"Coherent Excitation of a He* Beam Observed in Atomic Momentum Distributions", contrib. talk (1996)

Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society, Mainz, March 3.-6., 1997:
"Vermessung der Wigner-Funktion in einem Doppelspalt-Atominterferometer", contrib. talk.

IQEC '98, San Francisco (USA):
"Recent experimental results in using 137Ba in a miniaturized ion trap for quantum computation", poster

First Annual Workshop of the SquInT network, Albuquerque (USA), March 30 - May 2, 1999:
Towards a quantum computing experiment with 137Ba ions, poster

DECOHERENCE, Gargnano (Italy), 20-25 September 1999:
Towards a quantum computing experiment with Ba-137 ions, poster;
Playing around with type-II parametric down conversion, poster

Current trends in Nano-optics, May 14-18, 2000 Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef, Germany:
A robust all-solid-state source for single photon, poster

DPG-Tagung Bonn (2000):
Kompakte Quelle für einzelne Photonen, contrib. talk

IQEC/CLEO-Europe, 12 - 14 September 2000, Nice (France):
A Robust All-Solid Source for Single Photons, contrib. Talk

QUICK conference on Quantum interference and kryptographic keys, Cargese, Corsica/France, April 7-13, 2001:
Tools for practical Quantum Cryptography, invited talk

International Conference on quantum Information IQCI, Rochester, NY (USA), June 200:
Tools for practcial quantum cryptography, poster;

Coherence and Quantum Optics Conference CQOC8, Rochester, NY (USA), June 13-15, 2001:
High eff, contrib. talk; Experimental Four Photon Entanglement, poster

The Second ESF Quantum Information Technologies Conference, Gdansk, Poland, July 10-18, 2001:
Violation of a Bell's inequality with an entangled 4-photon state, inv. talk

Second European Comission QIPC workshop, 28.-31.October 2001, Torino, Italy:
Free space quantum cryptography,inv. talk



Seminar des Optik-Zentrum Konstanz, 5.12.1996, Universität Konstanz:
Experimente mit korrelierten Atom-Photon-Paaren

Los Alamos sessions of the Quantum technology seminar, May 25, 1999, Los Alamos:
Towards quantum computation in an ion trap - First experimental Raman cooling results with Ba-137

Kolloquium of the SFB 'Control and measurement of coherent Quantum Systems', 17.3.2000, University of Innsbruck:
All solid-state single photon source.

KOLLOQUIUM Quanten-Kommunikation, 10.-11.7.2000, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg:
Quantenkommunikation mit einzelnen Photonen und Photonenpaaren

Quantenforum am Institut für Physik der Universität Stuttgart, 16.05.2002:
Quantenkommunikation mit wenigen Photonen

Physikalisches Kolloquium der Universität Bremen, 30. Mai 2002:
Quantenkommunikation mit wenigen Photonen